Hancock and Barton Creek Mall Loops

Last Saturday, I ran the furthest I have ever run before. 16 miles. There were several of us in the first timer group that had never run that far before and when we were finished I just couldn’t believe it. All I could say was, “Yes! We did it!” Although it is nothing compared to the actual 26.2, it was a major mile stone point in our training. (Pun intended!) Kristina and I discovered that singing TV jingles and making up songs about different places we passed on our route made the tough miles move faster. Not literally faster, but definitely took our minds off of the distance we still had left to go! Not only was it the furthest, but also the coldest! It was 38 degrees that morning and my choice to take my gloves off was a bad one, but now I know better! This was also the week we were testing out our Clif Gel Chews and Shots. I really like the vanilla flavor Clif Shots! They are a tasty treat in the middle of a run.

Today, we ran the Barton Creek Mall Loop and four of us decided to get in an early 4 miles which I’m glad we did! The hills on this route are not friendly, but I know in the long run I will be thankful that we trained running the hills that we have. For December this was a muggy and humid run, but oddly enough tomorrow will be crazy cold for a recovery run! That one might end up being inside; 20-degree weather is a little too cold for me! I tried the Clif Gel Chews today, the Cran-Razz flavor and I really felt like they gave me that little extra push. Now I’m not sure which ones I like more! I guess I’ll figure that out as the weeks go on.