Soggy Scenic + Mile Repeats

Two Saturdays ago, December 3rd we got to experience; or at least the first-timers did, our first run in the rain and cold! Thank you mother-nature for making it cold, but we could do without the rain (at least between the hours of 6AM-10AM on Saturday mornings, please!) :) Now that our training is getting into higher mileage, Coach Paul and veteran runners recommend getting in a few miles early before the group run. I meet a couple of the other first-timers for a 5 mile run at 6AM on that soggy Saturday and I am so thankful that we took this advice! When you are spent from mile repeats, knowing that you are already finished with your long run is way better than saying, "oh, but I still have 4 more miles to go!" As we get ready to bunker down as they say into the tough part of training, I am thankful for the guidance and advice we are getting as first-timers from an awesome coach and group of runners!