What is the cost of the Twenty-Six Two Training Program? 

The cost for marathon or half-marathon training is $150.  However, if you elect to pay “up front,” you will receive a $10 discount for a non-refundable one-time charge of only $140.

You can also elect to pay monthly, which is $30/month. If you sign up before the 24-week program begins, or at any time in the first 4 weeks of training (weeks 24-21), you will pay $0 for the first month.  After that, you will pay $30 per month per the schedule below:

Program Start

Weeks 24-21 - $0

Weeks 20-17 - $30

Weeks 16-13 - $30

Weeks 12-9 - $30

Weeks 8-5 - $30

Weeks 4-1 - $30

Program End

Also, if you sign up for the monthly option while training is already underway, you will pay a reduced rate for the remainder of that 4-week period.

What if I have to drop out of training?

If you drop out of training, and you are paying monthly, you will not be obligated to continue payments after the current 4-week period of training where you discontinued training.  However, there is no refund for the remaining days or weeks in that current month. For example, if you drop out in week 15, you will already have paid for Weeks 16-13 and will not receive a refund.  But you will not be charged for Weeks 12-9, 8-5, or 4-1.

If you elected the Up Front payment option of $140, there is no refund if you drop out of training.

What if I am not training for a race, but am a year-round runner and just want to run?

Twenty-Six Two welcomes runners of all levels and experience. Are you a "one and done" marathoner but love to run every weekend? Do you run for fun and occasionally sign up for a 5K, 10K, or other distance? Are you a veteran who doesn't necessarily want or need a training plan, but is looking for a group to run with? Or are you a new runner looking for a group to make friends, learn more about running, and just go for a nice run every now and then?

We are for you! You do not have to be a member of TST to run with us. We like to say that "the streets are free, and so are our water stops." You can find out more by sending us an inquiry using the "Tell Me More" button below, or you can join Twenty-Six Two using the link below.