What do I get from the Twenty-Six Two Training Program? 

When you register for training, you will be asked to complete a Runner Profile. Your profile will go directly to your coach, who will use that information to evaluate your progress throughout training. Before your training begins, your coach will contact you to make an introduction and to provide any additional instructions for your training preparation.

Your online training calendar, with details for every workout for all 24 weeks of training!

Your online training calendar, with details for every workout for all 24 weeks of training!

Your training plan will be available through an online log-in page. You will receive a complete training schedule that will include your daily workouts and weekly targets. The page will also include detailed instructional videos and resources about how to complete certain workouts.

You will receive weekly e-mails to you with instructions for the following week's workouts. These e-mails will remind you about the objectives of your specific training cycle, will explain the overall goals for each of your workouts, and will include tips on how to translate key concepts into successful preparation for your race.

Do I have to be a member of Twenty-Six Two Marathon Club to sign up for training? 

No.  However, for a one-time, lifetime fee of only $26.20, you are welcome to join the club and become a lifetime member! Membership dues help support the club’s operations, such as our water and sports drink supplies for workouts, club events and monthly breakfasts, and other operating expenses that our non-profit incurs throughout the year.

How long are the Twenty-Six Two Training Programs?

All of the half-marathon and marathon training programs are 24 weeks long. However, you can join a training program at any time before that training registration closes (10 weeks prior to a marathon, and 8 weeks prior to a half-marathon).

Do I have to wait until my training program starts before running with Twenty-Six Two? What about after my training program ends?

You do not have to be "in training" with TST to run with us! And you do not have to be a member of TST to run with us. We like to say that "the streets are free, and so are our water stops." We run year-round, so you can run with us before your training program begins, after it ends, and any time you want to come out and join us.

What type of workouts does the training include?

Your typical weekly schedule will consist of:

•         group long run on Saturday

•         recovery run or rest on Sunday

•         group track/hill work on Monday

•         easy run on Tuesday

•         rest on Wednesday (advanced and elite have occasional runs)

•         easy run or “pace run” on Thursday

•         rest on Friday

If your personal schedule does not allow for workouts on any of the scheduled days, your coach will work with you to adjust your training plan to fit your own schedule.