Why Choose Twenty-Six Two?

Whether you are training to run your first marathon or half-marathon, or you are seeking a PR or Boston Qualifying time, Twenty-Six Two offers detailed and personalized coaching from our experienced and successful coach. Using coaching methods that have proven successful for runners of all levels for more than a decade, your Twenty-Six Two training program will help you reach your goal using a 24-week marathon or half-marathon plan.

EXPERIENCE - Twenty-Six Two (TST) offers training programs that combined the knowledge, skill, experience, and enthusiasm of our coach.

Paul Carmona has coached TST runners for 15 years, in addition to his role as coach for the nationally-based Brooksee Online Coaching program and REVEL Online Coaching.  Your training will use methods developed by coach Carmona, who will work closely with you throughout the program, he will explain the purpose of every workout, and will follow your progress throughout your training cycle.

AFFORDABLE - TST's 24-week marathon and half-marathon training programs begin at $180 for the upfront, nonrefundable option. We offer a monthly payment option of five $40 payments for the full 24 weeks - with no obligation to continue additional months if you discontinue training.

ATTENTIVE - Your coach will invite your feedback as you train, measure your progress, and help you work through challenges.  You can ask questions and get answers or advice about your race goals, your race strategy, race nutrition, training and racing gear, how to avoid or deal with injuries while training, and your overall training experience.

PERSONAL - Your coach will know your name. You will get personal coaching and advice on everything from how to determine your goal pace, to what kind of nutrition you should try during training and racing, to what kind of shoes and gear to try out. TST training plans are based heavily around your goal marathon or half-marathon pace. Our training program will give you a personalized pace/training chart to help you figure out how fast (or slow) to do your long runs, easy runs, recovery runs, tempo runs, and track work.

LEARNING – Your coach will deliver regular mini-lectures and written articles on certain concepts and ideas to think about and work on throughout your training. If it is related to training and racing marathons or half-marathons, we will cover it.

WE ARE WITH YOU - Most importantly, our coach trains and runs with us every week. Whether it is long runs, hill workouts, or track work, he will be there running with you because our coach is a runner too, and loves to run every day.