Base Work

Spring is the time to lay the foundation for a successful fall or winter marathon.


You sweat, you lose water, you slow down. Read all about it.


Carbohydrate gels help in very long runs (and marathons), but you need to do some base training without them. Here's why.

HR or Velocity Training?

Some runners swear by their heart-rate based training. Others stick to training based on pace. You can do both!

History of the Marathon

Impress your friends with your knowledge about the history of the marathon, and the reason for the 26.2 mile distance.


As you get older, you need more nitrogen in your runner's diet.  Popeye had something right.  Read why.

Off-Season Maintenance

What to do when you're not "in training" but want to maintain running fitness.

Post-Run Recovery

What do you eat after you run? Chances are it's not enough, and not in the proper ratio of protein and carbs. This will help with faster recovery.

Running After Baby

No, not chasing after a toddler. This is about getting back into running shape after having a baby.  TST member Katie Carmona explains how she got back to half-marathon shape in 6 months.

Running Lemmings

Do you push yourself through group workouts whether that workout fits into your training schedule...just because "that's what the group is doing" that day? Maybe you shouldn't.


Read about the science behind why you "run out of gas" on very long runs.


Not just table salt. You need much more than that.


Do you ever get light-headed when you "stand up too fast?" There's a reason why runners are more susceptible to it.

High Crab Dinner

Yes, it is a typo.  But the article explains the basics of carbs for runners, including what to eat, and when.

Lymphatic Drainage and Sports Injury

Runners know the benefits of deep tissue massage for sore, tight muscles. For injured muscles, consider lymphatic drainage.


Why you shouldn't take ibuprofen or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) before or during runs.


While training for a race, every run should have a purpose.

Runner's Trots

And now for the unpleasantries: lower GI distress during and after runs. Why it happens, and what you can do to make it stop, or at least make it better.

Running Form

Not really an article, but more of a slide-show that includes photos of "world class form" and not so great form. A sure help for any runner who is trying to improve form and efficiency.

Slow Down to Speed Up - Part 1

Want to get faster?  Try slowing down to speed up.  If done right, you'll be surprised to see the results. Read part 2 below for more info.