Keeping the Pace - We Deliver on Weekends

The Twenty-Six Two Pace Team is a group of experienced marathoners who help set the pace for runners at half marathons in and around Central Texas. The Pace Team members help create a fun and supportive atmosphere during the race and provide motivation to help runners achieve their half marathon goals

Since 2010, our Pace Team has provided pacers for the 3M Half Marathon, The Austin Runners Club Decker Challenge, The Alamo Run Festival, The Zooma Women's Half Marathon, and The Chosen Half Marathon. 

If you are a Race Director looking to team up with the Twenty-Six Two Marathon Club Pace Team for your next half marathon, please contact us using the form below.

Our club members will

  • host a Pace Team booth at your race expo to answer questions about the race
  • offer tips and strategies for running a half marathon
  • help advertise your race with our club members and the local running community on our website, Facebook page and Twitter account.

Looking for someone to PAce your next race?