Twenty-Six Two Training - Details and Description

Long Runs

Our training plans use a stair-step approach to going from low-distance long runs to higher-mileage runs that vary in intensity, topography, and surface. Over the course of 24 weeks, your long runs will become the staple of your training. 

We don't just go "long, slow distance." Although we certainly do plenty of long-but-easy runs on weekends, your long runs will include occasional mile repeats embedded into the middle of the run, frequent pace work to get you familiar with the rigors of your half-marathon or marathon, and plenty of hills to strengthen your legs and body for the demands of 13.1 or 26.2 miles.

Track Work

We are not all "speedsters" who lead the pack in races. But our training plans include plenty of track work to help improve your ability to maintain "leg turnover" in your race. Whether you are a Boston qualifier or a beginner who just wants to finish a first half-marathon, your training plan will include plenty of speed work designed to increase your overall speed.

Your training plan will have you running with us at a local track once per week during your training cycle, where we emphasize "race-specific" track work, meaning that the workouts are focused on longer intervals based on your target goal pace.

Hill Workouts

If you are training for a race that includes any amount of hills, you will get plenty of help from our hill workouts. Even if your race is relatively "flat," the hill workouts will help you build leg strength for bursts of speed.

Our training plans are designed to help you learn and practice proper technique for climbing, downhill running, and "even effort" for any hills, no matter how big or small.

During your training, you will alternate hills and speed work every three weeks. The once-per-week demands of hills/speed, and a more limited amount of hill running, will help you stay healthy during training.



Form and Technique

Our coach has helped hundreds of runners improve their running efficiency and economy by working regularly on form and technique.  Your training plan will not require you to drastically alter your natural running form, but your coach will help you improve overall form to reduce inefficiency and increase leg turnover, while at the same time fine-tuning your body position to become a "more natural" runner overall.

We incorporate regular drills into group track and hill sessions, and emphasize certain concepts throughout the workouts. This will allow you an opportunity to repeat and enhance specific technique concepts into your workout, whether on the track or in a hill workout.

One-On-One Help

Your coach will know your name. You will get personal coaching and advice on everything from how to determine your goal pace, to what kind of nutrition you should try during training and racing, to what kind of shoes and gear to try out.

Our training plans are based heavily around your goal marathon pace.  Your own training plan will have personalized paces to help you figure out how fast (or slow) to do your long runs, easy runs, recovery runs, tempo runs, and track work.

Your coach will also deliver regular mini-lectures on certain concepts and ideas to think about and work on throughout your training.

Most importantly, our coach trains and runs with us every week.  Long runs, hill workouts, track work -- he's there doing what we do, because he's a marathoner himself and loves to run every day.


Are You Ready To Train?

Twenty-Six Two Marathon Club is proud to offer reasonably-priced, thorough, and personalized coaching from our experienced and successful coach. If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact our coach using the inquiry form below. If you are ready to sign up for training, please go to our Training Registration Page to get started.