A Humid Via Fortuna

My name is Jillian and I am a member of the Lucky 13 class of first-timers! I will be taking you through our training journey to the finish line of the 2017 Austin Marathon. We are 13 strong individuals that have come together for a common goal- to complete a marathon and make friends along the way! 

Today's route; Via Fortuna, included a mix of flat areas and hills. So, it's a good thing we have been doing hill workouts to prepare us for this run! The first-timer group completed an easy paced 8 mile run this morning at a very humid and muggy 76°. (Come on Fall! Humor us a little!) As our Coach says, easy paced runs help us build our endurance. I for one know that mine has gotten better over the past month and I can see the improvement in other first-timers as well. Additionally, a nice fact about an easy pace is that you find others who run your pace so you are not alone when you make a wrong turn in Zilker Park. :) 

Stay tuned for more run stories as our adventure continues!