Twenty-Six Two Announces New Coach as Club Expands and Improves Training Programs

Twenty-Six Two is planning some big changes ahead starting in April 2017 and moving into the fall/winter training and racing season. Building upon the success of TST's history of outstanding marathon training in a small, friendly, and family-like atmosphere, the club is elevating its personalized training programs to a new level!

As we add half-marathon training to our abundant list of marathon programs, we will also expand our first-timer program, move to an online training platform, and focus heavily on improving delivery and scope of our training plans to more runners in the Austin community. These are just a few of the changes and improvements that TST has planned for the future.

Coach Jackie Howard

Coach Jackie Howard

As we move into the 2017-18 season, TST is pleased to introduce our new coach, Jackie Howard. Jackie is a marathon veteran with a passion for guiding other runners with their own marathon training and racing. With her own marathon PR of 3:34, Jackie brings her enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience to TST as the club moves into a new era of expanded and improved training programs for both marathons and half-marathons.

In January of 2017, Jackie served as a TST Pacer at the 3M Half-Marathon. Prior to joining TST, Jackie trained with Rogue Running in Austin.

TST’s proven training programs are now moving to a new online training platform with Brooksee, LLC, a company that produces endurance events throughout the United States and which has hired TST’s former coach, Paul Carmona, as its coach for Brooksee’s Online Coaching Program. Over the past year, Coach Paul has trained over 100 runners from numerous states via the Brooksee programs, including for the Boston Marathon and for the Revel Racing series. This is in addition to the hundreds of runners whom Paul has coached since TST’s foundation in 2004.

Going forward, TST will offer 24-week marathon and half-marathon training for races throughout the year. All of TST’s training programs will be launched through the Brooksee Online Coaching platform, which offers an interactive training calendar and log, weekly notes, online training videos and pace calculators, and a message center for communicating with coaches.

TST will continue its tradition of offering top-quality marathon training programs, and will now include fully-coached half-marathon training. In addition, the club will continue its weekly group long runs and group track/hill workouts. Also, TST will carry on its first-timer program, which has been a mainstay of TST’s programs since 2004.

Please join me in welcoming Coach Jackie to our TST family, and in thanking Coach Paul for his past service as TST’s coach for the past 13 years.  TST looks forward to an exciting year ahead as the club expands its training programs under new coaching with Coach Jackie Howard and new online training programs developed by Coach Paul Carmona.


Kara Levy, TST President